Project Details


  • Client Envato market
  • Date April 2022
  • Author Paul Trueman

7 Vachan is a one-stop solution to plan your dream wedding in a simpler, faster & hassle-free way. In simple words, they are the Wedding Consultants who bring boundless joy into your lives with our expertise in organizing stress-free weddings! 

The Requirement

7 Vachan needed comprehensive design support to execute a grand-themed wedding flawlessly. They required designs that not only captured the essence of the theme but also facilitated smooth event management. The designs needed to be clear and easily understandable to ensure seamless coordination among various vendors and on-site teams.

Our Goal

Alean Gallery aimed to bring expertise and innovation to the grand theme wedding organized by 7 Vachan in Doha. Our goal was to ensure that every design element, from the layout to the decorations, was not only visually stunning but also practical, enhancing the overall event flow and guest experience.

Final Result

The teamwork between Alean Gallery and 7 Vachan brought to life an unforgettable wedding experience in Doha. Our designs transformed the venue into a stunning setting that perfectly matched the wedding theme. With clear and easy-to-follow plans, the event flowed seamlessly, ensuring everything ran smoothly from start to finish.