project details


  • Client Envato market
  • Date April 2022
  • Author Paul Trueman

Dilip Fabrics stands as a distinguished manufacturer and exporter of premier quality eco-friendly garments. At the heart of our partnership with the esteemed Dilip Fabrics was a shared passion for redefining kid's fashion through innovation and creativity.

The Requirement

Their requirement was all about designs that not only appeal to modern sensibilities but also adhere to sustainable production methods. They aim to collaborate with a partner who can bring innovative design solutions that resonate with today’s eco-conscious market, ensuring each piece of clothing is as environmentally friendly as it is enchantingly beautiful.

Our Goal

Our goal in collaborating with Dilip Fabrics was to push the boundaries of kid’s fashion by infusing Alean Gallery's design expertise with Dilip Fabrics' vision for high-quality, sustainable fits. We aimed to craft clothing that was all about comfort, practicality, and timeless elegance, infused with hues and prints that spark joy and imagination. Our shared objective was to design clothes that not only meet the aesthetic and functional needs of children but also encourage them to explore their worlds with curiosity and delight.

Final Result

Together, we have created a clothing line that stands out for its innovative designs, eco-friendly materials, and captivating aesthetics. This successful partnership has not only elevated both brands in the eyes of customers but has also set a new standard for what children’s fashion can aspire to be.