Project details


  • Client Envato market
  • Date April 2022
  • Author Paul Trueman

Branding and Beyond Advertising Agency offers a spectrum of creative services, idea incubation, and strategies to set businesses apart in the fiercely competitive digital landscape. This collaboration united Branding and Beyond's deep understanding of advertising and strategy with Alean Gallery's innovative design prowess.

The Requirement

Client recognized the need to differentiate themselves in a fiercely competitive digital environment. They required creative design solutions that would not only capture attention but also engage users at a higher level, leveraging the latest trends and interactive formats to enhance their social media campaigns.

Our Goal

Our goal at Alean Gallery was to transform Branding and Beyond’s social media presence by injecting creativity and innovation into every piece of content through unique design solutions. By exploring new formats, such as carousels, reels, and interactive posts, and capitalizing on trending topics, we aimed to craft a compelling digital narrative that would ensure the agency remains at the forefront of the advertising industry.

Final Result

The partnership between Alean Gallery and Branding and Beyond Advertising Agency resulted in a revitalized social media strategy that significantly amplified the agency’s online presence. The fresh, innovative design content captured the audience's attention and fostered greater engagement through interactive and visually compelling posts.