Project details


  • Client Envato market
  • Date April 2022
  • Author Paul Trueman

Flour Works, renowned for its dedication to quality ingredients and culinary distinction, has embarked on a strategic collaboration with Alean Gallery. This partnership draws on Alean Gallery’s profound expertise in strategic design, focusing on critical elements like color selection, typography, imagery, and layout to elevate Flour Works' online visibility and engagement.

The Requirement

Flour Works sought to strengthen its digital engagement and sales on e-commerce platforms, particularly Amazon, where visual appeal significantly impacts consumer behavior. The requirement was clear: deploy design strategies that embody trust, reliability, and excitement to support consumer decision-making processes and enhance the overall shopping experience.

Our Goal

Our goal was to fortify Flour Works’ digital footprint by creating tailored e-commerce creatives that thrive on consumer psychology. By harnessing the power of colors' psychology and strategic design elements, our goal was to instill feelings of trust and excitement, encouraging consumers to make purchases and build lasting connections with the brand.

Final Result

The new e-commerce creatives have significantly enhanced Flour Works' online presence, particularly evident in improved customer engagement and increased sales on Amazon. The strategic use of design elements has successfully evoked the desired emotional responses from consumers, leading to a marked increase in trust and satisfaction.